Software for (TV) Game Shows

WiseGuys ltd, is responsible for the game show software for high profile game shows like:
- Who wants to be a Millionaire
- WWTBAM - Hot Seat
- WWTBAM - Fastest Fingers First, the show
- Power of Ten
- Raid the Cage (Escape Perfecto)
- Break Away
- The Kids are ALL right
- Deal or no Deal

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Working around the globe with so many fantastic TV professionals, we are eager to collaborate with TV producers anywhere, New format development, (re)design of software, special applicationsā€¦ On Windows, Linux or Android. Talk to us.
WiseGuys has over 20 years of experience in developing software and hardware solutions for TV shows. From Panama to Bangalore, from Iceland to Chili, from Ecuador to Madagascar. We understand and can solve your IT for TV needs.
We can support nearly all languages that exist, even complex languages like Hindi ,Cambodian, Chinese and Japanese. We are happy to talk to you šŸ˜Š
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